Symbolic Logic Examination 1

QUESTION 1: Buying the Cray Mac 11 computer for our company was the right thing to do. It meets our company’s needs; it runs the programs we want it to run; it will be delivered quickly; and it costs much less than what we had budgeted.
QUESTION 2: Definition: endless loop, n. See loop, endless. Definition: loop, endless, n. See endless loop.
QUESTION 3: The newest version of this car is quieter and safer because it has a back-up camera.
QUESTION 4: Brad is a nobody, but since nobody is perfect, Brad must be perfect, too. Equivocation.
QUESTION 5: The moon is covered with dust because the president of our neighborhood association said so.
QUESTION 6: You should turn to channel 6. It’s the most watched channel this year.
QUESTION 7: I’ve met two people in Nicaragua so far, and they were both nice to me. So, all people I will meet in Nicaragua will be nice to me.
QUESTION 8: I know this is a fair coin, but it has come up heads five times in a row now, so tails is due on the next toss.
QUESTION 9: Every iPhone commercial for a new version of the product argues that it is superior to the previous version.
QUESTION 10: Bullfighters Association President: “Women have rights, but women shouldn’t fight bulls because a bullfighter is and should be a man.”
QUESTION 11: “A watch is a complex and precise device that is designed by an intelligent watchmaker. Similarly, the universe is an extremely complex system, and thus must be the product of intelligent design.”
QUESTION 12: Gay marriage is wrong because marriage has always been between a man and a woman.
QUESTION 13: Pat: “Did you hear about the teenagers who vandalized the community park yesterday?” Bob: “I did! Teenagers are so irresponsible and destructive!”
QUESTION 14: If I call you a swine, then I call you an animal. If I call you an animal, then I’m speaking the truth. Therefore, if I call you a swine, then I’m speaking the truth.
QUESTION 15: Everyone in our family has gone to the Howard University, so you need to apply to Howard University.
QUESTION 16: “Many addictions, such as drug addiction or alcoholism, causes many people to destroy their health and eventually ruin their life. Thus, getting addicted to your phone will ruin your life.”
QUESTION 17: The end of life is death. Happiness is the end of life. So, death is happiness.
QUESTION 18: Press Secretary: “The White House didn’t lie about the size of the crowd on Inauguration Day, we gave alternative facts.”
QUESTION 19: The last time they spun the wheel, it landed on 12. So, it won’t land on 12 this time.
QUESTION 20: “You don’t believe in ghosts because you’ve never seen one? That doesn’t make any sense since you surely believe that molecules and black holes are a real thing even though you’ve never seen them with your own eyes.